Zachary Glendon Snyder

122 McGlothlin Campus Center

ACU Box 28198

Abilene, TX 79699-0001

Dear Zachary,

To be completely frank, I am not sure it’s proper etiquette for me to

provide a public endorsement. However, I feel so compelled about the

need to support our teachers as they help our children achieve that I

cannot be silent. I am publicly endorsing the candidacy of Billy Enriquez.

A native Abilenian, Billy has served this community for over 40 years. I’ve

watched him serve on the school board after trustees appointed him

replacing State Representative Stan Lambert’s unexpired term. I’ve

observed first-hand the way he deliberately brings people together, how

he talks about “us,” instead of “them.” Billy is a uniter.

The Abilene independent School District is in a time of transition, and

like most of the state, we must address shifting demographics and the

implications for our teachers. Furthermore, our community faces

financial challenges as we seek to fund the instruction of our children.

Finally, we are not insulated from the national narrative; we must be

intentional and proactive about ways to work together for the common


For all these reasons, I am supporting Billy Enriquez. He is the type of

leader who can help us address the obstacles in front of us. He can do it

in a way that brings us to the table together: focused on collaboration

that puts our kids first. I respectfully ask you to join me and others in

support of our friend, Billy Enriquez.

Anthony Williams

Abilene Mayor

April 19, 2018


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