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Farm Bill SNAP Changes Could Hurt Rural Texans and Working Families

It seems that working moms and dads, and especially the 1 in 7 rural Texas households that depend on SNAP, would be the casualties of proposed changes to SNAP work requirements in the new Farm Bill. This means that an estimated 1.45 million Texans, if not pregnant or disabled, would be impacted by the changes.

There is already a functional SNAP work requirement in place, but some officials are defending the new provision, saying that it provides job and training opportunities. Some will also acknowledge that the new requirements will remove people from the “welfare” rolls. That is a misclassification of SNAP; it is designed as a safety net that helps families with temporary assistance to access nutritious food. And, states would have to foot the bill for the work and training programs, since the proposal provides inadequate funding for the mandate.

For someone like the current Texas Ag Commissioner to applaud the bill because it “forces people off welfare” shows an ignorance of the program’s purpose and a disrespect to the rural households, seniors, veterans, the disabled, children, and working families who rely on the temporary assistance that SNAP provides.

The average Texas household that receives SNAP benefits gets only about $273 per month – about $9 a day.

If you’ve had enough of the ignorance and disrespect, and are ready to support someone who will do what is right for Texas families, please forward this email to 5 of your friends.

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