During World War II, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt spoke about the “Four Freedoms.” These Four Freedoms are the Freedom from Fear, the Freedom from Want, the Freedom of Speech, and the Freedom of Worship.

It seems to me, these are the values to which we need to return. If we focus on these four freedoms as Democrats, we can place the nation back into the hand’s of the people, where it belongs.

Now how do these Four Freedoms fit in with our values today?

First, there is Free Speech: This is about having your voice heard. For too long the politicians have only listened to interest groups and millionaires. But money isn’t speech. We must elect candidates that listen to the people—to our concerns and ideas. This is about every voice being heard and creating a responsive government to the people, for the people.

Next, there’s Freedom from Fear: Some politicians want you to be afraid. But just like Roosevelt said, “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” I’m not afraid, and I’m willing to stand up to these politicians who say we should be afraid of immigrants or new technologies or new ideas. But we are Americans, and we are not afraid. We know what is right, and we are ready to embrace the future. It’s time we stand up and say no to fearmongering.

How about Freedom from Want? We want good jobs. We want jobs right here in our communities that provide a living wage. We want jobs in the future so that our children, once they’ve gone to college, can come back and live and work in their hometowns. We want agriculture where farmers can make a living off their land, rather than having to get another job just to support their families. We want people to be able to live off a forty-hour work-week. People should not have to hold multiple jobs just to make enough to pay the bills. We want good schools for our children where they can learn and be competitive in the work force. And we want our teachers to make a good living and have a secure retirement. We want them to be able to control their own classrooms. Teachers are the ones who know what is best for a student—not politicians back in Washington. And we want healthcare for all. Having affordable access to a local doctor and a hospital is not a privilege saved for the wealthy. It is a right for everyone. You cannot be free if you are sick or become injured. Universal healthcare is necessary for real liberty.

And finally, there’s the freedom of Worship: Most of our ancestors came to this nation knowing that it stood for religious freedom. We might not all agree on how we worship. I’ve known a few Baptists and Methodists to spar off, but as Americans, we value the right to worship as we each see fit. And that’s why it’s so important that we stand up and protect the separation of Church and State. It is our duty as Americans to defend people of other faiths and nationalities. They have as much right to be in this country as did our ancestors.

So if you ask me “how are we going to make America great?” I’m going to tell you that we are going to do it by having the courage to stand up for the values that make all of us Americans.

People see a lot of problems in our world today. But we are ready to find solutions. I have the courage to stand up for the values that matter to all of us. Do you?


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